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Resources and Links

At Signature IT, we believe in continuous improvement and lifelong learning. Not only is it fun and exciting to learn new technologies and techniques, but it helps us to better serve our clients.

We love to discover and explore resources which help us to solve a problem, offer a new solution, or just look at development from a new angle. We invite you to visit the links listed below, and see some of the resources which we keep going back to again and again.

Developer.com offers daily news, articles, and tutorials for professionals involved in the development of applications and other technical solutions.

Sitepoint.com, home of a vast variety of web design tutorials and articles coupled with a vibrant and well informed community.

CommunityMX.com, devoted to extending the knowledge of Web developers and focusing on some of our favorite technologies.

Safari Books Online, the e-reference library for programmers, developers and IT professionals.

Amazon.com, because sometimes only an old-fasioned book with hundreds of real paper pages will do.