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The Signature Difference

It's our way of doing business, and it's all about commitment and customer service. Give us a call at (763) 559-9044 or e-mail us to find out how to put the Signature Difference to work for you!


Most of us have placed our signatures on documents that represent commitments ... letters, contracts, even marriage licenses. Our signatures confirm the promises we have made, and at Signature IT, we strive to honor our commitments to clients, candidates and employees by exceeding expectations.

We remember our promises, and we live up to them. We like to avoid surprises, except when we surprise a customer by delivering more than expected!

Customer Service

At Signature IT, we know that our customers include more than the obvious ones (our clients). Our customers also include our candidates, consultants and employees, and we pay careful attention to the unique needs and wishes of each.

Just as no two signatures are identical, no two clients or candidates are exactly alike. In order to deliver the very highest level of customer satisfaction possible, we must understand the priorities and problems, the strengths and weaknesses, the likes and dislikes, of each of our customers.

So we ask questions, listen carefully to feedback, and constantly seek to find the very best match between our clients' needs, our candidates' qualifications, and the best available software solutions. We are committed to customer service and satisfaction!